Welcome to JJAEP!

Mission Statement

The Conroe ISD Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) is designed with the belief that all students have the capacity to be productive members of society. We are committed to creating an environment for positive change that allows for exploration of and growth toward individual potential. Through parent and community involvement, the staff will provide a climate that is conducive to the development of self-esteem, academic achievement, vocational awareness, and appropriate leisure-time activities.


Purpose Statement

While students are sent to the JJAEP for disciplinary reasons, it is not the job of the faculty to punish them. Their punishment is being separated from their home campus. The job of the faculty is to assist students academically and socially by helping them with their academic assignments; finding and helping fill gaps in their bank of basic academic skills; and by positively enabling them to reflect on the choices they made that brought them to the program. The goal is for each student to return to their home campus completely caught up on their work, more capable in academic rigor, and empowered with a plan to avoid the behaviors that brought them to JJAEP.


JJAEP Academic Philosophy

JJAEP is a campus that works to motivate at-risk students by providing structure and discipline in a rigorous academic environment.

Statement developed and adopted by the JJAEP faculty